A fusion of trading insight and technology

Neonet offers fully managed execution services that significantly reduce costs for trading. We enable banks and brokers to focus on key trading decisions and to create customer value, eliminating the need to invest in and manage a complex technology infrastructure.

Neonet provides superior execution quality and regulatory compliance, independently validated by third-party analytics. We deliver trading technology and market access as services, free from conflicts of interest with our clients. All trades are executed on regulated markets and Neonet does not engage in proprietary trading.


Neonet is an execution service provider that offers flexible, independent, and transparent execution services. We are not engaged in proprietary trading or any other financial activity that could result in a potential conflict of interest. This is highly appreciated by our clients in times of globalization, regulatory changes and the concerns related to this.


A transparent Cost+ pricing model lets clients benefit from efficiencies and cost savings generated by Neonet’s economies of scale. With our cost-based fee structure, savings are always passed down to clients, and it also helps avoid potential conflicts of interest related to execution style, preferred execution venue or clearing location.

Flexibility and choice

Clients may use and mix any combination of:

  • Neonet Trader. Functionality includes high-performance spread trading and algorithmic trading using fourth-generation Smart Order Routing.
  • Proprietary or third-party Execution Management Systems and Order Management Systems. Any system compliant with industry-standard FIX connectivity may be integrated.


Technology leadership

Neonet offers electronic trading access built on our experience from more than two decades of pioneering development in electronic securities trading. We are committed to delivering quality services based on our technology platform that is continuously developed to meet evolving trading needs and adapted to dynamic markets.

Aside from the immediate advantages of high performance and smart features, using a solid technology foundation also facilitates adjustment to new requirements and allows for scaling of trading operations.

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